How to Format Android Phone Completely

How to Format Android Phone Completely

How to format an Android phone is a question asked by many people. Many think that it is a complicated procedure which should be left to the experts, the cellophane experts. But, in reality, anyone can do this as long as he has the basic knowledge of how to use a computer. This article will provide you with tips on how to format an Android phone completely using the computer. These steps will not only enable you to format your phone easily but also keep it secure.

If you want to know how to format android phone completely, you will have to turn off the auto-play function and the random number generator. This is because they tend to compress the data before sending it to the phone’s memory. It will definitely reduce the quality of your video. You have to switch them off or you will get some “spiders” on your phone, which will mess up your video recordings.

Now connect the two sides of the phone. Place one at the top and the other at the bottom of the screen. Connect the power to both sides. Turn the volume down and long the volume until you hear a click sound in the background.

You have to open the settings manager by clicking the gear icon in the taskbar. You will see that there is a tree with many sub-trees. Each sub-tree will display a number of items which are related to the selected item. Click on the overflow button to expand the tree.

There is a data folder which contains all the files that are stored in your phone’s internal memory. You need to go to this folder and use the format or edit option to change the formatting style. Here you can choose a new folder name, which will be the current date formatted as well as the folder name. After you have finished making the changes, you need to save the changes. To do that just click on the save tab and type the path of the folder you want the data to be saved in.

The next step is how to format an HTC phone. You need to use the data backup tool to backup all of your phone’s data to a separate location. You will find this under the phone’s build directory. Once you have selected the backup option, it will proceed to the next step. It will ask you where you want the backup to be placed and will ask you to enter a password. You can create a new password if you want but if you have one you should already have one.

The last step on how to format the Android phone completely is to place the backed-up data within the proper directories. You will notice two directories on the phone; one is internal and the other is external. The internal storage is usually located inside the battery itself, while the external directory is located on the back of the phone. The external directory is often used for media files such as pictures and videos while the internal storage is used for applications and data.

When you are done with formatting the phone, you should now remove all of the data and settings from your phone. If you don’t know how to do this, you can use the device manager by going to settings > tap settings. From there you will be able to locate the menu for selecting devices. You will then see three options; use storage, apply changes and remove data. Choose the storage option and allow it to do its thing.


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