Most Expensive Mobile Phone in India

In comparison with a contract mobile phone, which comes with a limited number of minutes and can be terminated at any time, pay as you go offers a good deal. It has unlimited Talktime. However, it is the most costly mobile phone in India. The contract service providers charge heavy taxes and other service charges on top of the Talktime. Moreover, the tariffs are subject to change frequently and the customer has to be well informed about the changes to avoid heavy cancellation fees and inconvenience.

Most Expensive Mobile Phone in India

Pay as you go mobile phone offers the cheapest rates in comparison with a contract mobile phone. The biggest advantage of this scheme is that the user can cancel the connection any time without paying any extra money. There is no upfront cost for the first month. Once, the user has availed the service, he/she is eligible for the remaining monthly charges. It is the cheapest mobile phone in India also because most of the service providers in this country are located in the cities. Therefore, users can easily avail this facility from various service providers in different cities.

The service providers have to compete against each other so there are a lot of exciting offers and schemes available for the cheapest mobile phone. Therefore, it is the duty of the user to keep an eye open for such lucrative offers. The user can easily compare the rates and features by looking at the websites of service providers. Once, you have identified the deal which is the cheapest mobile phone in your requirement, you can place the order online and within the shortest time possible.

Moreover, most expensive mobile phone in India is also offered via contract deals. However, the user has to be very careful before signing the contract because according to the terms and conditions of the service providers, there are certain limits for increasing the usage limit. You have to check these limitations and try to avoid any violation of the same. The charges for the service providers depend on the roaming charges of the countries.

Some of the most expensive mobile phones in India are contract phones from service providers. It means that you have to sign a long term agreement with them. In most cases, the contract period is for a minimum of one year. The user can enjoy the entire benefits of the contract without any drawbacks.

Pay as you go and sim free phones have become very popular these days. They have reduced the overall cost of using mobile phones. Users have to pay a minimal amount for the services and they can use them for a longer period. The cheapest mobile phone, in this case, is the PAYG service provider. In this case, the user can buy minutes after buying the contract and he can get the best talk time only when he needs it.

There are many other options which can be considered if you want the cheapest mobile phone in India. But, the user has to be careful about the connection speed. A low-speed connection can reduce the talk time to a great extent. In some cases, low bandwidth can also cause problems. So, it is better to check the speed before purchasing a handset.

Many service providers in India are providing lucrative plans for new users. The user just has to select the plan according to his need. Different plans are offered by different service providers according to the need of the individuals. Free gifts and various other facilities are offering to attract more customers. All the features and the cost are met under the most beneficial deal so that the users do not face any problem in using the handset.


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